The Light Show at Hayward Gallery


The Light Show is one of the most amazing exhibitions of art that twinkles, glitters, radiates and glows. Everything in it is conjured out of electricity and bulbs. There are golden globes that fade in and out like little suns, and shimmering LED stars. It is certainly all about perception, how colors get rediscovered and take us to other dimensions. The Light Show includes some of the most visual-stimulating works created in the last years as well as many not seen in decades and re-created for Hayward Gallery.

Many old artworks use light as a material to help shape the space around it, whilst many other artistic pieces in the show use light to create specific conditions. Much of this exhibition demonstrates how light can affect our state of mind and our perceptions of reality.

Over 20 artists are involved in The Light Show at Hayward Gallery, such as David Batchelor who stands out for his sculptures  created entirely from objects he finds on the streets of London, and he gives them new life as light boxes. Also worth the time is Ann Veronica Janssen’s work, which consists of installations that toy with illusions and use light, artificial fog, projections and sound to create their effects.

The Light Show at Hayward Gallery is a real treat for art fans and those who like fun and dynamic galleries, as this unique exhibition gives you the chance to interact with the work on display. If you live in London, close to the gallery or somewhere in the Kingdom, don’t miss this opportunity to meet the awesomeness. Get your tickets now!


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