Reinier De Jong’s Volt


Intriguing and unusual, the Volt table, designed by the Dutch artist, Reinier de Jong, is really something to remember.
Ok, here’s a yellow table. So, what?! Well, the details make it look particularly odd and fun. Volt is entirely made of plywood and it looks like a fluid piece of furniture. The legs seem integrated in the table top. Definitely, this is one of the items that fit those who love unusual design elements sprinkled around their homes. What really grabbed our attention were the legs, which have a triangular shape and the playful geometric-like appearance.

Volt is both minimal and dynamic. The colour can be easily chosen, depending on your tastes. It is not necessary to be yellow. Moreover, it is extremely practical, being wide enough to make room for six chairs. You can place it in the kitchen (it will look funky and it will add a glimpse of fun to the environment) or even outside, on the terrace. The Rotterdam designer said that Volt is “a table with a form that seems impossible like an Escher drawing. It continues to fascinate due to its elusive appearance.”
Take a look at some of his other creations, they are super fun and totally worth the time!

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