Bear House by Onion Architects


Located in the Cha-Am Beach resort, Thailand, Bear House by Onion Architects is the result of a pretty intense passion. The residents (the Sahawat family) requested a home for them and their much prized collection of Bearbrick figures. A renovated three storey house now contains a multi-level ‘Exhibition Space’ cabinet featuring steps and ladders with space for 17 pieces. This cabinet also serves as a model for the rest of the house, again, stairs and ladders, multiple levels, a scaled-up version of the bear’s home. Suspended beds, plenty of timber and oak panelling, platforms between rooms, hatches connecting spaces…a complex set up indeed.

Unsurprisingly the Sahawats went even crazier with the detail. Oversized furniture to turn everyone into miniature people, a collaboration Paul & Joe Bearbrick guarding the master bedroom, graffiti monsters across the living space and infinity pool (yeah, there’s an infinity pool) from Thai artists MMFK and P7…keeping the rest of the house relatively neutral most certainly a wise move. 


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